It Gives Wings To Your Fancy

It comes slimmer and lighter, but with a faster speed and more powerful performance
With the groundbreaking terrace switch, it puts your smart home under a faster control
The new generation of intelligent switch mirrors our breakthroughs in concepts, and it is now expecting your wonderful thoughts
So it is not only an artistic beauty, but a technical miracle

Groundbreaking New Usage

Laser engraving text switch replaces the previous switch
without text, coupled with versatile and more practical
functions, and LED backlight components of higher
brightness behind the switch
A product of our painstaking efforts, it not only gives full
play to the performance of the hardware of intelligent
switch, but makes it easier to use with a pleasing look

All This Makes It More Unique

It further reflects the vision we embrace
in the new era of smart home
It places an extraordinary power on your fingertip
A click and you finish dealing with any complex scenes

A Wonderful Unfolding Of Your
Elegant Lifestyle

A product of teamwork, it embodies the inclusive
thinking, the goal shared by all, the unique design, and
combination of utility and beauty
All this has made the intelligent switch more elegant
and exquisite, which has become the fashion choice of
modern life and highlight of the elegant lifestyle

Glacial Silver

MR8013 16 Keys Smart Switch

There are 36 kinds of colors for you to choose from, and you can customize the carving of the keys based on your needs
The keys have LED backlights to show clearly the contents
LED lights under the keys can conduct self-regulation of the brightness as a response to the surroundings
The keys have prompt facility by vibration which can be enabled or disabled
It can control twelve scenes, six lights or four motors
When a key acting as a light switch: Short pressing for on/off, while long pressing for dimming
Built-in installation
Dimension: 86mmx86mm

New Product Information

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