Wonderful Thoughts Give Birth To Slim Design

The slimness and lightness are so impressive that you cannot help but admire it
For long we have been in pursuit of a seemingly contradictory goal:
To create a device that is powerful while it’s so slime and light that its weight can hardly be felt
A device meeting all your needs in an effortless manner. It is not only a goal realized, but a smart thing far beyond our expectations

All-in-one Ensures Firm Quality

It stands for a new standard for slimness and lightness
We keep surpassing the standards set by ourselves to make it thinner and lighter
Benefiting from its durable all-in-one fuselage, it becomes
thinner without compromising its firmness
Its firmness and solidity can be felt the moment you hold it in hand

All Details Are Refined

Its perfection is the product of our designers' commitment and devotion
An all-in-one fuselage has its beveled edges cut by single crystal
diamond, with the errors no more than micrometers Though it might
seem too rigorous to be so strict with the details, in fact it is the working
together of all these details that delivers an excellent effect

Absolute Slimness And Lightness

Apart from slimness and lightness
It also includes your favorite scene functions
Making you more engaged in watching a film,
shopping, playing games, or at work
All these make it all the more desirable
for you to take it along your new journey

Warm White

MR8005 16-Keys Smart Switch

Double panel mounting
Key functions can be customized
Keys can be carved in a customized way
Mark button functions
When a key acting as a light switch: Short pressing for on/off, while long pressing for dimming
Built-in installation
Power supply: DC 24V
Transmitting distance: 86x86(mm)

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